Daily Prompt – Sympathise

The daily prompt for today is sympathise, notice I use the English spelling with an s and not a z, but they mean the same thing.

If you sympathise with someone you feel something similar to what they are experiencing or a feeling they have expressed you would feel the same in their position. Usually on a Monday morning people will ask about your weekend and proceed to tell a long winded story of their weekend exploits. If their weekend didn’t go so well and they experienced something not so good, you may sympathise with their expression of anguish over these events.

Though sometimes you outwardly sympathise but internally you are thinking stop your bleating and harden up princess, but you don’t say what you feel. The reality is people experience things and in their context it is a difficult situation. When put in context with what others are experiencing on a daily basis, people living on the street for instance, these minor woes are really insignificant and not really something to sympathise with.