Disturbing but worth a watch for any parent.


We rented a few films over the Easter long weekend.  One of the films was “We need to talk about Kevin”.  Not knowing too much about this film except some idea about this kid had killed his school mates at school, and what his mother was going through.  Very intriguing film, i found it fascinating to watch, yet a very disturbing film.  It grabs you from the start, and takes you on a harrowing ride through the eyes of a mother whose son has committed an atrocious crime.
From the start of her relationship with Franklin, Eva was not really keen in having a baby.  Did this feeling pass through to Kevin? Even in the womb.  From the early start of his life there was a disconnection between Kevin and his mum.   He was a very manipulative young kid and he knew how to take hold and control of his mum.

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Yes liking or disliking a movie is totally subjective, so I am sure there will be many opinions about my list, which I welcome. I have very eclectic tastes in music, books and movies. I never compare the books to the movies, or vice versa, why you may ask, because they are two completely different genres. The author expects us to invent the image of the characters from their pages, where the director has done that for us, so they are really incomparable. (more…)