Some people thrive on name dropping. They look for every opportunity to say they have met or know this person or that person. Do they think that the fame will rub off or that others will be impressed because they know this person or that person? Maybe it is just an ice breaker for some people, like those of us that are socially inept and don’t know how or where to start a conversation or even join in. For me though meeting or having met notable people is not really something that I dwell on or use to impress, though I have met a few.I sat down and thought about all the people, that have reached some level of fame, that I have either met, spoken to or associated with. So, for one time only, do my share of name dropping. Some of these people may be familiar to you, others not. This is not my intention to big note or anything. I just wondered how many people actually DO know or have met people and don’t talk about it. Whilst others have been in the same train or some other random happening with people and they brag it about constantly as if they are their best friend.



In the late 90’s I worked for an engineering company in the heart of Melbourne. The Instrument designer, my boss Ross, raced Porsche’s for a hobby. He knew I was not doing much during the week, so he asked me to help him with his race car. I did tell him that cars and car racing were something that did not do it for me, but still I went along. (more…)