The internet seems awash with daily deals from a variety of places these days. We keep an eye out for something different as well as something of value. One such deal came our way and we are so glad we took it.

We live in Perth, Western Australia, which has an island some 18  kilometres from the city called Rottnest (named after the rat like marsupials – quokkas). This island is a place frequented by Perthites who like the beach and the booze, neither of which are high on our list of likes. I hadn’t been there since year 10 high school, and frankly really didn’t want to go there. Anyway, this deal came up for a scenic flight for two across to Rottnest which included snorkelling gear to keep. So we were up for the adventure.

The flight was exhilarating and enjoyable, especially coming in to land with a strong cross wind that turned the plane sideways. Once we landed we had six hours to explore the island and have some fun. So we headed on over to see if we could get a tandem bicycle for the day, but unfortunately they were all hired, so it was shanks pony for us. Fortunately the island is quite small so it didn’t really matter.

We headed out to the basin to swim and have some fun. It was quite a warm day, so it was lucky we found a shady spot to sit and enjoy the day. I walked back to the town to grab lunch, which cost an arm and a leg and took forever to get! So hopping back on my one leg with one arm I took our lunch and coffees, nearly losing my arms with the weight of it all. Got back and had a nice lunch looking out over the basin and the tranquil sea. Then a friendly quokka came for a visit and stayed for a while.

We had a bit of a swim and a snorkel and then decided it was time to head on back to the airport for the flight home. This was as enjoyable as the flight there. Frankly the flight was really the best part of the journey, Rottnest is a nice place, but there are way too many people there and everything is way too expensive even though it is only 18k from the city. So we won’t be going back there in a hurry. Though this is not to put visitors off, you may enjoy it, it’s just not our thing.