The prompt for today asks us to explain our blog title.

My blog title is quite simple. In season 4 of American Idol, the first time we had watched it, I had a look at the Fox chat board. I created a screen name based on my favourite rock start, Edge from U2, and how I was feeling at the time, on the edge of a ledge. On the boards I got hooked into a limerick writing thread that started on St Patrick’s day. From that I got invited to an irreverent website americanidolconspiracy. This site basically took the piss out of everything and everyone, especially the rabid Constantine Mouralis fans. It was fun and I still have a few friends from those days that I have never met.

So I have kept that screen name for most things now. The ramblings part is just how I see my work, ramblings, random ideas and stories that come to mind either from prompts like this or from things I want to say.

My name is Andrew though I do go by Drew, and some people do call me Edge, but I prefer not because I am not worthy of the same name as Mr Evans.