Daily Prompt Creature

Remember the days when late Friday night there was a Creature Feature at the drive-ins? We would load up the car and drive to get the bejeezus scared out of us. Screams would come from all the cars around at the scary bits.

Not so many creature features are made these days, though Sharknado may have been the most recent. Most of the movies were lame with second rate special effects, poor scripts and even poorer acting.

Some of the sci-fi movies like Alien and Predator could be considered as creature films. Both of which spawned big franchises that lasted many films. Though not many would have been seen on a Friday night at a drive-in as most were made after the demise of the drive-ins.

I don’t have a favourite creature feature, I prefer Friday 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe you could consider Jason or Freddy as creatures, but not in the same vein as Anaconda or Arachnophobia.

There are still a couple of drive-ins operating, maybe they throw on Creature features?