Daily Post Conveyer

The daily post for today is conveyer. Are we talking about a conveyer belt or someone who conveys something to others?

Life can be like a conveyer belt at times, you hop on and it takes you to the same place all the time.

We convey our opinions and thoughts on others all the time. Some in a more forceful or aggressive manner than others.

In our working lives we should try and convey what we have learnt to others, it costs nothing to do so and others benefit. Though this strategy may lead to being taken advantage of as others may not be so in to conveying what they have learnt.

So I will convey this message –

Life is a journey along one big conveyer belt from start to finish. Along the way you pick up things that you convey to others without losing anything by doing so. Be careful of those that don’t realise life’s conveyer is for all and is a better journey if shared.