I write this daily post on my way to work on my local public transport. Fifty minutes on a  stop start journey into a job that gives me zero mental stimulation. I guess you could say that is stifling.

Billions of people do the same thing day in day out. Why do we do it? To exist? To give us a life we want? To provide for our families? Mostly we do these things for all of the above reasons. But when does it become stifling? When do we feel we want something more from life?

I am tired of just existing. Tired of the day to day routine and not having choices anymore. Decisions and choices I made in the past have lead me to where I am now, so I guess my stifling situation has been brought about by my own choices and decisions.

The trick when you get to this situation is to not let it get to you and not be stifled by your circumstances. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and ways to improve your situation. Don’t let the stifling get you down!