This is a day in my life, the photo’s aren’t great, taken with my “much despised” blackberry (Hey it’s a work phone I don’t pay for it!)

This week the weekly photo challenge has us detailing our daily life. So I have documented my daily routine, I know, ho-hum. I have always disliked the routine of every day working life, that is why outside of work, nothing is routine about our lives, but we do have to eat and pay the bills.

345am – Wake up
350am – Check emails and posts on my Macbook
400am – ย 15 minย run, 15 min cycle.
430am – prepare lunch and eat breakfast
450am – shower, shave and not the other s just yet
500am – make my morning coffee
505am – head to work (my darling takes me :))
530amish – get to work
540am – check work emails and start work
1130am – have my lunch
1200pm – Skype with my darling
345-400pm – my darling picks me up.

Tomorrow do it all again, sigh…bummer they are raising the retirement age to 70 so I guess I have to do this for another 23 years eek…

The start of my day

The start of my day