I tire quickly of hackneyed phrases or words, one such word is surreal. Always on news reports the person indicates the experience was “surreal”, when their description suggests anything but surreal. So it is with trepidation that I address today’s daily prompt – whoa.


So to my “surreal” experience. I have never been a great partaker in alcohol or illicit drugs, though in the past I did have one or two experiences with marijuana. One such experience is my “surreal” moment.

Before I left Australia for Brunei I lived in a South Yarra apartment. My neighbours were a young New Zealand couple, the guy worked as a security guard at a prestigious Toorak hotel. One of his favourite activities outside of work was “spotting”. Not sure if this is peculiar to New Zealand or not, but it is the process of taking two kitchen knives and heating them on the gas burner. Then putting the hot knives on to marijuana buds and sucking up the smoke through a bottomless wine bottle. Sounds wacky I know, but I was up for trying most things once.

The problem was this was a Sunday lunch time and I was supposed to be going out that afternoon to help with the race car. So one hour later I was picked up to go and work on the car. The drive takes about half an hour. In my state it really seemed like it took 2 hours. The first I realised was that everything seemed to be really slowed down, even slower than a slow motion replay. We talked all the way to the place where we worked on the car, but I answered really slowly. Even when we got there I was talking to Mike and Kaye and I was sure that I was talking in extreme slow motion.

I really don’t know if they noticed, I am sure they must have, but that was the most “surreal” experience of my life. I haven’t touched an illicit drugs since then and have no intention of ever revisiting them, it was too weird.