I held you close for one last time, just as the funicular reached the terminus. This was the first time in our lives I had the courage to tell you how I felt. I know the timing wasn’t right, but I got the feeling this would be the last time we were going to see each other, so I just had to say it.

We were born 2 weeks apart and have been constantly in each others company for the entirety of our 18 years. I had girlfriends through high school, but soon left them when they couldn’t get along with you. Just as I am sure your boyfriends jealousy drove a wedge between you and them. None of them understood what we mean to each other.

Now you are leaving, off to see the world and study in Beijing. I know you will make good with your life and be all that you can be. I really don’t know how long it will take me to get over you, but I know that it will be equally hard for you. Though, from what you have said you have never felt anything but brotherly and sisterly love between us. I know I shouldn’t feel the way I do, but I can’t help it.

I just wish our fathers were not brothers.