Today’s daily post challenge asks us to remember what life was like at 16 and if it has turned out the way we planned.
I was sixteen in 1981, year 11 of high school. I was hoping to become a chef, so I applied for Hotel Management and Catering at the local institute. I passed all the exams with flying colors, did the interviews well, but was told I was too immature and to come back the following year. It wouldn’t have mattered if I did go back even up till I turned 35, I was immature then, so the reason for not being accepted wouldn’t have changed.
I never did get to being a chef, though I did work in a Pizza shop at one stage and I do love cooking, which you can see from my cooking posts.

I would not have imagined how my life has turned out. I finished high school the year after turning 16, didn’t get into university but I did get a job in the local bank. Hated working there, then worked as a store-man which I hated too, both were really mundane jobs for me. I then joined the Air Force as a photographer, and left after an altercation with a Flight Sargent. Then crazy me worked in a bank again, which hadn’t changed. By this time I had lived in 3 different cities in Australia. I then ended up in my current industry, Oil and Gas, working my way up from a draftsmen on a drawing board to a CAD operator and now to Regional Data Management Coordinator for Chevron back in Perth. I have worked all over Australia, South East Asia and London. I met my darling in Brunei in 2000, which has turned my life into something more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. So looking back I have come full circle by coming back to Perth, but I have traveled the world and met the love of my life and found a great job in a great international company, which should see me through to retirement…

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen