Graduation (Photo credit: uonottingham)

I am eagerly awaiting the results of my two final exams for my Bachelor of Psychology and Addiction Studies. My quandary is, should I go to the graduation or not? Now I don’t like crowds, I am tired of boring meetings throughout my working week and I did this for myself and nobody else. Yes my darling is proud of me and what I have achieved but she says that I don’t need to go to the graduation ceremony to validate that. So why the heck am I partially thinking I want to go? I can’t figure it out.
I took on this course so I could do something while my darling was doing her Interior Design HND. I got a taste for Psychology when I did my Advanced Diploma of Business, the stats units, and thought it would be interesting. It has no benefits to my current work, though I am sure some of the engineers do need psychological help. It was for personal satisfaction only, and when I get the final result on Monday if I have passed I will then be happy when the Degree is posted to me in January.
My parents have shown zero interest in attending, and frankly my family think that a degree is just being over educated, well that’s the impression I have anyway. So why am I thinking like this?
I love learning and will continue to learn every day until I am no longer breathing.

So the challenge to any who reads this is to give me a valid reason why I am thinking of going, when everything about me says there is no point!

Hmmm, just came to mind, I have just finished a Psychology degree and I can’t figure that out myself, mayhaps I didn’t really learn that much :).

Saturday 15th December – I got my result and invitation to attend the ceremony, which I have declined, I decided that it wasn’t really something I needed or want to do. So no regrets :).