Mensa International

We have all seen them, those annoying pop ups that ask you if you know the next number in a sequence or can solve the puzzle, claiming you may have a high IQ. So we eagerly click in the hope that our ego will be sated and we are more intelligent than our peers. Is that really what we seek when we click these puzzle pop-ups, validation of our brain capacity? For me I just love puzzles and always have, but that is not an indication of intelligence just a pastime that I enjoy, just like my quiz show addiction.

While living in London we watched a program on the Discovery channel about Intelligence, IQ and Mensa. This show provided information on home testing and how to join Mensa, so just for the heck of it I ordered the home test. Much to my surprise I was informed that I could possibly have an IQ high enough to join Mensa. However, before I could sit the official test in London we moved to Perth. So I looked out for how to sit the test here in Perth. I sat the test and eagerly awaited my results. The letter arrived saying I had been accepted.

During my time with Mensa I have contributed to the Australian magazine, writing some profile articles and others, though I was extremely busy and was not overly happy with what I submitted. I now assist with the editing of stories submitted for the magazine. This is my only involvement and contribution.

So to the point of this post. Having been accepted to the society of genius I have not really achieved anything or contributed anything. In life I haven’t really contributed a great deal, yes I am only 47, but shouldn’t it be that someone who has a special gift that puts them in the top 2% of the population provide more, give more of their gift to benefit everyone?
This is my quandary, this is my self inflicted pain, I want to contribute, I want to make the world a better place for everyone. The problem is I don’t know what, how or where to start.
One common theme I have experienced when talking to fellow Mensans is the lack of stimulation mentally at school, in work and just day to day life. This may come over as arrogant or condescending, this is not the intention. I really do struggle to comprehend why the work I do is so easy to me, but so difficult to explain, teach or get others to do it. I find my work rather tedious and unstimulating, I have changed jobs on more than 20 occasions because of this lack of stimulation. Though now I am resigned to thinking it is always like this and just do the work and get stimulation in other ways. No not chemicals or any other physical stimulants. I get my stimulation by reading, learning languages, playing music and conversing with my love. My reading includes the posts here on WordPress, I really do enjoy reading the creativity that is here on this site from everyone. So  a big thank you to everyone on WordPress, especially those I follow who help stimulate my brain and provide some relief to the mundane existence in the work force.
So whilst it is good to have something that others do not have, it is up to the individual to use this to benefit others in any way possible. I personally want to leave a legacy behind, but not for the fame or recognition, but to help mankind, I was born with a gift that I should be using to make a difference to the world.