Ger, Mongolia

Ger, Mongolia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2002 we saw a story on National Geographic about a foundation started by Christina Noble – CNCF. This foundation has helped children and families in Vietnam and Mongolia out of poverty and off of the streets. One campaign they have is the “Give a Ger” campaign for Mongolia.

Mongolian winters are extremely harsh and cold, there are many families who have insufficient funds for good housing. Also many families are still nomadic in nature and move from place to place. Their house is a Ger. Which is like a big round tent, housing the entire family and their needs. So the CNCF foundation has this campaign every year to donate a Ger to a family in need. The cost is $1500 US dollars, but this is buying a house for an entire family that will last them for some years. This was a little too much for us alone, so we raised some money from some others and were able to get enough together to give a Ger.

This is the site for the foundation – and this is for the campaign