To celebrate the year that has been, especially after completing my final Bachelor of Psychology and Addiction studies exam on Friday, we decided to have a nice breakfast in Northbridge, Perth. The venue we chose is The Tuck Shop. The reason we chose this was the number of positive reviews on the eatery websites, over 1000 people had reviewed and the rating was high.
So to beat the rush we left home at 740am, yes I know early for a Sunday but we get up early so no problem. We arrived just after 8am and it was already busy.
The cafe is quite small, with lots of tables, so you can imagine it is quite noisy, but that was the only negative. The service was top-notch, very attentive and not pushing us to get out of the place. The coffee, whilst reasonably strong, was very nice. The food was great and good value for money. We left at 940am, so it was a long and enjoyable breakfast, normally I want to get in, eat, then get out. So if you are in the neighbourhood, do check out this cafe for your breakfast, you won’t be disappointed.