“Thank you darlin'” I said. This is the third full sentence in The Last Call by George Weir. This is an E-book I have yet to start, though now I have finally finished my Ba Psychology I can read a lot more books, so I guess it will be one of the first.

So that brings me to connecting the dots. Using this sentence to connect some dots is not very hard for me, I always say Thank you darling to my precious. Why you may ask? Is she my subservient maid who does everything for me? Not on your life, she is my equal and we do everything together, share in all of the mundane housekeeping things, this does make them less mundane too. No the reason I thank my darling regularly is because I am grateful to her for being my life. In the 12 year we have been together I have achieved more than in the previous 35 years. I have grown more and adapted my behaviour to being a better person. I have done so many things that I never thought I would be able to do. All of this because my darling loves me for me and gives me a reason to be a better person and a reason to enjoy living. So these dots are connected.

All I can simply say is Thank you darling.  我是真的愛你,到永遠。