I live in Perth, Western Australia. On television and in the print media we constantly see information about “Buy Australian”, “Buy Western Australian”. More recently there was a campaign to stop buying interstate yoghurt or milk products. I understand the principle, but totally disagree with it.
What astounds me is these companies that push us to buy local, actually export their produce. Interstate and overseas markets import the products made locally. Now if these local producers want to reap the benefits of interstate and international markets, they are then not in a place where they can force us consumers to buy only local produce.
Another group of local companies that is crying the poor tale is the retailers. They are trying to change the laws to make it impossible for us the consumer to buy our goods online and from overseas. Why? The reason is the slump in their sales figures! Well excuse me, I, and other consumers, are not here to keep you in business or make your business viable. We are here to consume the goods we want and need to meet our needs, based on the money we have available to do so. Where and how we buy these goods is up to us and up to our thrifty nature to benefit the most. Do not dictate to me how and where I should buy the things I want and need. What you retailers and producers need to do is look at ways to improve and diversify in the global marketplace. If you are not able to do this, do not put your hand out expecting me to keep you in business.

On a slightly different note, but similar vein, peak period price increases is a concept that I think is just pure thievery. I understand the economic principles of supply and demand, but doubling your prices during peak periods is just robbery! We should all take a stand and stop paying these extortionate fees. What makes me laugh is that in the off-peak, these places are empty and have to offer their rooms and facilities at less than rack rate to get some money flowing in. So here is why, and it amazes me why this hasn’t been figured out by astute business people.
If you charge everyone double during peak periods, people then have zero money left to come and stay during off-peak periods. So what do get? You get only 50% occupancy during the year, but if you charged a smaller fee during peak, you would still have all the bums on the seats and people would have sufficient money to spend at another period during the year. Bingo, you would then make extra money. But no let’s get greedy and charge the highest price possible because the flawed laws of economics dictate this.

Long winded rant I know, but it is something that has been bugging me for ages and I am tired of living in a free, democratic society that is imposing more and more controls on us, just to benefit some organisations that believe they have the right for their business to be propped up by the people in the street.