I love animals, especially felines. To me the most majestic land animal is the tiger.
So, given the opportunity to get up close and personal with your why wouldn’t you right? This opportunity came to us recently, I had to travel to Thailand for work. My darling always accompanies me. So we took the opportunity to visit a local zoo that has tigers. This zoo has been maligned by many, Srirachi Zoo, for not conforming to international zoo standards. We chose to visit because we like to make our own minds up, yes, some of the negative comments are valid, but the animals have been there for a long time so the conditions can’t be all that bad.

Anyway, we went along to this zoo with the aim of getting close to a tiger. Wondering around we saw some not nice things, rabbits with myxomatosis and crowded conditions, so that put us off a little. Then we came upon the adult tiger exhibit where the public can have a photo with the tiger. After much discussion I decided to do this, then my darling joined me too. We were both very apprehensive, for obvious reasons. Here is a fully grown male tiger, with all its teeth and claws, held to the stand by a chain and controlled by a keeper with a little aerial like metal rod! But, what the heck, once in a lifetime, bucket list, favourite animal, etc.etc…

So in we go, sit there getting photo’s taken on my blackberry (yes numpty me forgot to pack the trusty powershot). A few photo’s later and we were out of there. My heart was pumping hard for quite a while later. Now in hindsight this was a really silly thing to do. Put myself and my darling at such a risk! If the tiger took the same route as dogs have done often in my life (I got bitten at 20 and had 26 stitches in my nose), we would have been torn to shreds. Yes we may have been able to get away, but we would have been injured or killed for sure.

So hopefully those of you with similar admiration for these animals are able to think twice before putting yourself at such a risk. Yes I love tigers, yes we got out of there safely, but reality is this is a wild animal that could have caused us harm.