On a recent business trip to The Woodlands, Texas, my darling and I had the pleasure of dining at a New Orleans style restaurant. Growing up I loved, and still do, the music of the Carpenters. Stay with me folks, I know their music is squeaky clean pop like, but Karen’s voice was immaculate. Anyway they sang a version of Jambalaya, and I looked what that was one time, and since then have always wanted to try it. Now growing up in Australia we don’t get the opportunity to sample Southern cuisine at all.
So when we were looking for somewhere to dine one night this place stood out. Boy am I glad we went there, the food was sensational, the venue had a great ambience with no pretentiousness and the waiter was fabulous. So if you are ever in The Woodlands I would recommend checking out this place, Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen.