I had to come to Thailand for work purposes. Thailand is one place I have never really had a desire to visit. Most of what I have seen or heard from other’s who have been here is about the typical westerners haunts in South East Asia – booze, women, more booze and more women, though I do have one special woman in my life, neither of these activities are or ever have been pursuits of mine. So it was with great surprise that we found a hidden treasure of wonder today.

When I found that we definitely had to come to Thailand we looked for things to do. We saw some reviews for the Srirachi Tiger Zoo, and while they were a bit off putting we thought it would be great to take the opportunity to get up close and personal with, what we both believe is the most majestic creature on earth. We did enjoy that experience, though it was sad to see the conditions the animals were kept under. Hopefully our entrance fee gave some benefit to the animals.
So the trip to the zoo was a little bit of excitement, tinged with a large  sense of regret and sadness for how these animals were treated. The forty minute trip from Srirachi back to Pattaya left us feeling like we just wanted to get back to the hotel. We are so glad we didn’t. We had asked the driver beforehand to take us to see the Sanctuary of Truth, what a wonder this place is.
This is one of Kun Lek’s three sites to the people of the world, the other two being Ancient City and Erawen Museum. Whilst, this is the only one of the three yet to be finished, it is definitely one place I would love to come back and check on the progress of.
You are probably wondering what we found so special about this place? Well, the sheer size for one, and the overpowering feeling of peace and harmony created by the hand carved wooden sculptures adorning the inside and outside of this massive structure that was started in 1981 and due for completion in 2025. The idea was to use old carpentry and construction techniques to build a nailless structure that could dwarf some modern buildings but present a doorway to Eastern religious beliefs. One end of the building is representative of Hinduism and various aspects of this religion, whilst other areas are representative of Buddhism and some of the aspects of this religion. What bringing these two harmonious and tranquil religions together achieves is an awe inspiring structure of wonderment, that is both breathtaking and enlightening. Unfortunately we only had my Blackberry to take photo’s with and not our trusty Canon Powershot, (still haven’t procured that Hasselblad!) So these photo’s do not do this place justice.