These are a few of my favourite things –

As we get older it seems we are harder to buy presents for, and for me after I passed 40 I said, “No more presents please” I really do have everything I need. Then I saw the challenge for this weeks weekly writing challenge – A few of my favourite things, and this got me thinking, I have said for more than 6 years that I have everything I want. So if that is the case, of the things I do have what would I consider as my favourite things. (By the way I can’t break the habit of putting a “u” in favourite, so those who don’t put the “u” please don’t get all spelling policey on me!).

Now to my favourite things, these are in no specific order, though I have justified why they are my favourite things.

My Mont Blanc pen – This was the first birthday present my darling bought me, and I love writing with it.

My Rolex Watch – The second birthday present my darling bought me, I just love watching the precision movement of it.

Now from the first two items you may get a feeling that I am materialistic, but not by a long shot, these are two things I would never have chosen to buy. My pens, prior to my Mont Blanc, were cheap throw away artline finepoints, and watches were a cheap Casio or similar. So I never had any designs on the finer things in life. Now I own them I would never part with them, both from a sentimental perspective and a practicality sense.

My Gibson LC1 – I have played guitar on and off since I was 13, and never really got that proficient at it, until my darling got this for my 40th birthday, since then I just love to pick it up and play.

My Roland BR1600 digital recorder, this is just such great fun to play different instruments into, though my very average singing voice does spoil it a little bit. So I load a song, e.g. U2’s One, in to the recorder. Then play my guitar along with that song, then sing along, then play bass, then lead guitar. Then remove the U2 song and I have a complete song, played by me, and just for my consumption because it does sound average, but I enjoy it :).

Other than that I don’t have any other favourite things,. These are the 4 things that I would put at the top of the list to take with us when move 46 comes along. As you can see, three out of the four of my favourite things have a high sentimental value and the fourth actually adds to one of the sentimental items.