It amazes me how many people congregate when they think they are getting something for nothing or cheaper. When the petrol bowser price is reduced they drive from all over to queue for hours. When there are freebies on offer at the supermarket they congregate and push and shove. All understandable, but changing your behaviour and becoming a Neanderthal without any thought or consideration for those around you is not understandable.

A perfect example of this was on Friday when we attended the Good Food and Wine show at the Perth Convention Centre. There were many wine and food vendors offering free samples to all. Now really these are not free because you have to pay to enter the show, so in reality you are paying for the samples. So what do these people do? They gather around the trays of samples and stand there talking and hovering and not letting others near the offerings. Get what you want and move aside, and definitely do not glare at me when I say “excuse me” and reach in to get a sample.

That was bad enough but having my feet run over by trolleys these people have bought to store their purchases is worse! Drag it around mindlessly running over everything and everyone without a care in the world.

We did have a good time aside from the majority of people behaving in the aforementioned manner, and we were there to watch a Celebrity chef demonstration, which was fun.

I wouldn’t go again, the more I see the more I experience the less I like being out in the crowds with people. Though I didn’t feel this way the two times I have been to the US, maybe I was just lucky…