I have seen many live performances in my life and am in awe of their ability to overcome their nerves and perform with such skill.

When living in Brunei I had the opportunity to provide back up guitar for a classically trained singer, Amy Coulshaw. Now I have never thought that my abilities were anything more than rudimentary and just for my pleasure really. However, given the opportunity to play in front of an audience and support a talented singer I thought, why not. At least I have one of my bucket list items checked off.

What amazes me is the ability for seasoned performers to overcome that nervousness and play their instruments with precision. My hands and legs were shaking so much I am surprised that the notes didn’t have a continuous vibrato!

All that being said I am glad I did it, but I don’t think I would pluck up the courage to ever do it again and I will stick to playing for my pleasure…

Thanks Amy for the opportunity and thank you to all the amazing performers out there who give us all pleasure and have that ability to overcome their fears and stage fright.


I Know You By Heart