In May last year my 20-year-old son came to live with us from Victoria. We had been alone together for 12 years before this, and when I say alone I mean even without pets. Sad some of you may think, but we enjoy our own company. Anyway Scott had a dog, Snoop, and he wanted to bring him over too. Neither of us were really keen on having a pet. Not because we don’t like animals but the time and effort to look after them. So we did stipulate that he had to take complete care of him.

Well he did take care of him, a little, poop scooping once a month or two, and filling in his holes once every six months and talking him for a five-minute walk once every six weeks. So as you can imagine poor Snoop was rather bored. Within a month of being here Snoop had disengaged the pool light, he was fortunate not to get electrocuted. The insulation around the air conditioner nut and the hot water unit must have been fun to strip off, they lasted about three weeks. He attempted to dig to China throughout the back garden. So when hanging out the washing or cleaning the pool it is a veritable minefield of either Snoop poop or Snoop diggings.

So 12 months go by of the same routine, Scott came home (we rarely see him since he found a girlfriend) and said he was giving Snoop away before he moves back to Victoria. We were happy he was going, but strangely sad considering we didn’t do much with Snoop, aside from feeding him and occasional clean up. Now he is gone we do miss him a little. Strange how animals can get to you like that, I am sure it would be even harder had we have been more into Snoop. At least he found a good home where he won’t be so bored and he will be happy.