Being fortunate to work somewhere and have the option of working longer hours to then have every second Friday off, we chose to do a little exploring on my Friday off today. We have never been drinkers of wine, the only time we have had wine with our meal and enjoyed it was our 6th Anniversary in Paris. So we decided that it was about time we went and did some wine tasting to see if we could get to know what the big deal was. Hmmm I guess we still wonder :).

The wines were nice but not something that gives us that “wow we have to have this” feeling. Same with the coffee, nice and interesting to hear about it all, but the coffee we already get is nicer and cheaper, so we will stick to that.

I know I sound negative and down in the mouth about it all, but we did enjoy the trip, just still didn’t get the big deal about wine with your meal and all that.

The highlight of the trip was our high tea at Cape Lavender. The food was nice, tea was nice and the company was even nicer.

Nice High Tea, Reasonably priced and quite tasty, and of course with Lavender tea and Lavender scones.

Cape Lavender – Swan Valley, Western Australia

Nice setting at Cape Lavender on the first day of winter