Over the twelve years we have been together we have tried to cook a variety of new and interesting things. We have very eclectic food tastes, so our dishes vary from Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, American, French, Italian and Middle Eastern and more. So you can imagine after twelve years it is a little hard to come up with new and interesting meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We purchased a great app for our Mac’s, iPad’s and iPhone’s, it is called Paprika and it is just amazing. We loaded some of our recipes into the app and then started downloading from various recipe sites. We decide what we are having for the week and set up the grocery list before we go shopping. That way we save on buying just anything.


Every week we try to do at least one or two new recipes we have found. This Easter weekend has been a great time to do this, so far we have had Sicilian Tuna Crostini with Tomato and Avocado. How yummy was this, and still had some filling left over to do it later in the week…

The next recipe was B’stilla (Spiced chicken parcels). We have tried this once before a while ago, and decided to do it again because we are planning to make an apple strudel with filo pastry and so needed other filo recipes. This was just so tasty, the flavours were perfect and just wanted more each time.