I am not usually one to take advice from others, been there done that, but this time I was in desperate need of some sound advice. So the words of wisdom were like revelations from the deep vaults of life’s secrets. Armed with these secret words I walked with more bounce and head held high, thinking this is what will get me on the path to salvation. Something has finally come along to take me from the depths of despair to redemption.

Now you may get the sense that I am talking biblical changes and all that, but the only thing that changed in the biblical sense was the outcome, it was epic. You see I had been struggling to find work that made sense, moving from job to job, getting a pittance that saw the debts mount up. Then he arrived, not in shining armour, but teeth bright enough to cause something similar to camera flash blindness. Foolish me, that slick exterior should have set off the alarm bells straight away, but, no, in my desperate need to get myself afloat I was unable to see through the slick veneer.

I was in a situation where I was in the throes of declaring bankruptcy. A drastic step and situation, but it seemed like there was no alternative, until he came along. What he presented was a foolproof way of getting myself out of debt and setting things up so I didn’t really have to work again. Having past fifty at my last birthday, (or was it two birthdays ago?), meant I was keen to stop working and slow down a bit. Maybe I had a neon sign that said I was desperate and looking for a way out, or it could have something to do with the number of times I clicked on the “do you want financial freedom” emails. I am not sure how this person tracked me down and new where I was at, but he did and he knew exactly what to say.