No spare land

During our first trip to the USA we took the opportunity to spend a few days in Los Angeles. So we decided we would go down the decadence path and stay in the heart of Beverly Hills. The hotel we stayed at based on what was available was L’Ermitage. We took a Limo ride from LAX all the way to the hotel. It was evening so we didn’t get too much of a chance to check out LA on the way there.

The room was stunning, replete with welcome treat and a bed big enough for us to require the GPS. We booked in to the restaurant for the following night and just had room service for the first night.

On the first day we went on a tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, which also included four hours at Universal Studios. Our first impression of the walk of stars and Kodak theatre was underwhelming, seems the glitz and glamour is just reserved for the awards ceremonies.

Not as glitzy when the awards are not on

The theme park was not too bad, with the ride around the studios being interesting, but we were not overly enamoured with rides and all of that kind of thing. Though I am a bid kid at times, it is not something that really floats our boat.
After the theme park was finished we went on a long, (and I mean long) drive touring all of the houses in Hollywood hills and then Beverly Hills. Interesting to a point, but how many places do we need to see? And if a star lived in the house thirty or more years ago, and it has been owned by twenty people since then, is it really that interesting to see it? We did have a similar experience on a Beatles tour of London, but that is another story!
After finally getting back to our hotel we were exhausted, but had a shower and got our second wind to go down to the restaurant. What a meal and service, was amazing. Really wonderful night, the only downer was being told that Robert Redford ate there the night before, in the words of Don Adams, Missed it by that much…Anyhow wouldn’t have known what to say even if we were there at the same time.

Leave the credit card at home...

So the next day we went wandering down Rodeo Drive and checked out all the elite shops. The only shop that made us feel like we were not permitted or welcome was the Chanel shop, reminded me of the Pretty Woman scene where they wouldn’t serve her.
We then stopped at the Cheesecake factory for a wonderful lunch and cheesecake dessert. Topped of a very nice day.
Sadly our time in Beverly Hills was over too soon and we had to head back to LAX to return home. Our little foray into the world of the rich and famous was enjoyable, though coming back to reality wasn’t that much of a let down…


It must have been love, but it's over now...