In 2008 we had the opportunity to be a part of the tv show Cooking the Books. For the show we made a Thai Prawn Salad. It was yummy when me made it, but the long journey to the studio and under the tv lights it was a not as appetising afterwards.
The show was hosted by Jeremy Edwards and had two celebrity chefs on who used their cookbooks to make a signature dish. The two chefs for our show were James Tanner and Paul Rankin. All seemed pretty cool guys and we had seen them all on Saturday Kitchen. 20120324-161849.jpg
During the show they both made their interpretation of chilli con carne, which we had to taste and I had to comment on. I liked James’ dish the most, which seemed to dissapoint Paul a bit.The show also had a celebrity on to talk about their cooking favourites, the guest on our show was Emmerdale star Adele Silva.This was a great experience for us both, we waited for our episode to air, not just because we were to get the two recipe books, but because we wanted to see our first foray into tv world.