Being born in Yorkshire, and having seen the moors that Emily Bronte describes in her novel only adds to the joy of reading this book. I first read this at 13, after listening to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights song. I have been a fan of both ever since.

Recently we saw the second episode of the Wuthering Heights mini series on the ABC, the one with Tom Hardy in it. We both then decided to read the book. I had to do a little bit of translating of the old English to current English and the Yorkshire dialect to English too, English as a second language for my darling does not extend to Ye Olde English…We also watched the movie from the 90’s and the full series of the Tom Hardy version. So we have become quasi Wuthering Heightsies (if there is such a thing).

What a fabulous story and all of the things associated with it. For me I think it speaks to the undying love between two people and that no matter what, when you find that love you should hold onto it. Contentment and happiness is the end result, the opposite is misery. No I am not suggesting that those of you found love early and left it behind, should leave your current love for that, just when you know it is right, don’t try and see if the grass is greener. Why? You will lose and destroy what is right.

Through watching and reading this we both got the impression that Professor Snape and Lily Potter’s love is very Heathcliff and Cathy like, and surely there are other parallel stories out there.

So if you have always been tempted to read Wuthering Heights and never got around to it, give it a go, it is well worth the read.