The Emerald aisle is reknowned for its happy friendly people, some say because of the copius amounts of guiness consumed, and its green filled landscapes. Growing up in Australia,which has a big connection with Ireland, and being a lifelong U2 fan, I have always wanted to visit. Living in London presented this opportunity.

Bono and Edge's Hotel Dublin

We flew the budget, and it means what it says, airline Ryan air, from Stanstedt airport. Staying at the Clarence hotel, just because it is owned by Bono and Edge, and yes I was seriously hoping to bump into them, but sadly didn’t, not that I would know what to say to them!

We enjoyed our stay, though we did find it a tad untidy. The highlights of the trip were Malahide Castle and a tour to Wiklow. The tot of Jameson’s on the hill in the biting cold went down a treat. Our brief visit was over too soon, would love to explore further afield. I think it had a better feel and atmosphere than where we lived in London.