I made my first black forest cake in year 11 high school at 15. Though I now eat less and less sweet foods (trying to keep middle age spread at bay), I still love a good black forest cake. This may in part be due to the great pleasure I had in the two year catering class in high school, thanks Cheryl you were a great teacher.

I used to make one every year for my birthday and take it to work, most people didn’t believe I had made it. I stopped this practice as birthday’s don’t mean a lot these days. The last black forest we made together from the Master Chef recipe, and this was an ordeal, so many elements, and oh soooooo much sugar dentists would love it. It came out ok, but I don’t think it was as nice as the one like I made back ’81…


These days I prefer to let my darling bake her yummy butter cake, I’ll stick to soups, mains and other breakfast dishes.