Have you ever been to a place you have heard very little about? Austin,Texas was one of those places. Yeah, ok, not overly familiar with cities other than the main ones in the US that we hear about here in oz. Anyway, our first trip to the USA was an eye opener, nothing like what we had been lead to believe. Great food, great people, great place…
Austin has a reputation for being wierd, could be a reason why I liked the place so much. There is the infamy of the University shooting in the late sixties, the state university is there and it is the capital of Texas. Recently the governor became president, George Doublya, and before him LBJ graced (though some may not use that term for him) the oval office.
The unusual thing about Austin is it is so clean and has these amazing blue flowers in bloom all around, thanks to Lady Bird Johnson. Another thing is the amazing music scene on offer.if you ever get there check out Nuno’s on sixth, the place is not big but it packs a punch.
Don’t get me started on the margerritta’s, surely Mr Buffett would be in second heaven…