Why is that when we travel the worst side of humans shows itself? Seems there are more self-centred individuals travelling than not.

Size doesn't matter!

1. When the crew are serving meals, just be patient and wait, you are not the only person on the plane with a tray sitting in front of you.
2. Don’t ring the bell incessantly to get attention just for a drink, get of your butt and get it yourself.
3. Yes it is uncomfortable for all of us, but don’t go pushing on everyone else’s seats when you get up.
4. ┬áIt takes half an hour to descend, don’t leave it till then to go to the toilet etc…
5. We all want to get off the plane sooner than later, hanging in the aisle as soon as the plane docs is not going to get you off any quicker.
6. At the baggage carousel if you all step back a meter (3 feet for those who are still imperial) then everyone can see and dive in when their bag comes around.
7. Don’t get grumpy peeps, we are all tired and have been travelling a long way, not just YOU!
8. People travelling with children, yes it is hard to keep them amused for the entire flight, but please stop them from using the seat in front to amuse themselves with.
9. Farting in your seat, come on people do you think we can’t smell it? You may find this amusing but it is very off putting, please extract yourself and expunge the gas in the toilet and stay there till it dissipates.
10. Check-in staff, yes you may hate your job, but please do not take it out on us travellers. You are merely a clerk and talking and treating people as if you are the CEO of the airline and they are not worthy of being in your presence does not get the journey off to a good start. Lighten up and take the carrot out of your butt, smile, you are a customer service person and that is your chosen job and what you are paid to do.