I am 49 (some would say 15), have moved over 40 times. Been all over Australia (not everywhere but a lot of places), lived in Brunei Darussalam for 7 years, and the UK for the first 4 years of my life and another year and half in 2007-2008. Have been for a short stay in the USA twice and Ireland, France and Switzerland.

I like to cook, read, study and play music. I love spending my time with my darling wife, and experiencing new and interesting things together. So these passions will make up my blog.

Stop by Enjoy, have a read, have a laugh and leave a comment.


59 Responses to “About”

  1. Md. Alsanda Says:

    Thank you for stopping by and the following :)

  2. great blog…im originally from the uk, but moved over to canada some years ago…i couldnt take the problems with out of control youth culture in the uk…kids with knives and guns..menacing hoods etc etc…when i was living in the uk way back in the late 60s and 70s, it was another britain…bobbies were on every street, milk bottles could be left outside the house all day without being stolen, if you saw kids misbeahving, you told them so, and they stopped…nowadays, they will stab or shoot you…! no..i prefer BC…i live in a very quiet town…everyone knows everyone else…we all look after the place..

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Sounds like my kind of place, thanks for stopping by.

      1. ta for dropping in, sir!

  3. Allie Says:

    I just nominated your beautiful blog for The One Lovely Blog Award. You can go here to find out more about it. http://experiencingmyownlife.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/one-lovely-blog-award-nomination/
    Best wishes to you!

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Hey Allie, thanks I finally got around to doing this.

  4. leemajors Says:

    I like your entries, their short but direct to the point. keep up the great work :-)

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Thank you, I am glad you enjoy them.

  5. Mariane Says:

    Hello there,

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  6. kz Says:

    Hi I’ve nominated you for TWO awards ^^

    it’s ok whether you choose to join in or not; just wanna thank you for the great blog that you put up. ^^ I’m totally enjoying it :)

  7. lovehounduk Says:

    nice intro … and thanks for your comments on my blog too.
    I m going to have a bit more of a read of yours

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Thank you, it’s just bibbling and scribbling, but it’s fun.

  8. ketutsuparta Says:

    G’day Edge,
    nice blog and congratulation. love to read some point of your blog and keep continue post the new update info. warms regards from Bali…cheers

  9. alexkellyoc Says:

    Since you have been to so many countries, is there a particular country you’d like to visit at least ,that you haven’t visited yet?

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Good question, China, Austria, Canada, Italy and Poland. Though my ideal would be to retire somewhere like Lucern.

  10. 최다해 gongjumonica Says:

    Beautiful intro. I like moving and travelling and knowing someone who experienced just that made me think of pursuing my dreams :)

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Thank you. I hope you don’t end up moving as many times as me though, moving can become a pain. But staying put can become boring too ;)

      1. 최다해 gongjumonica Says:

        I understand what you mean. Move, but not a lot. Check! Hahaha :)

  11. Thank you for visiting and following Hoofbeats & Footprints. Hope to see you back soon ! Bella

  12. Summer Says:

    Hallo there,

    I’ve a christmas card for you! : ) You can pick it up here http://summer4soul.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/1022/
    Have a nice day

    Sweet greetings, Summer

  13. hastywords Says:

    I may have to hear your accent….you should read a blog. lol j/k but no really you should… :)

    1. edgeledge Says:

      I have been told it is just as eclectic as the places I have been. Maybe I will do a sound bite…one day ;)

      1. hastywords Says:

        It’s all the rage :)

  14. sarahneeve Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. :)

    1. edgeledge Says:

      The pleasure was all mine, I like your mix tape, and dropping back to check out some of your other posts too :) No I’m not stalking ;)

  15. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm Says:

    Thank you for sharing your travels.Happy Holiday!

    1. edgeledge Says:

      My pleasure, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  16. Brunei! That’s interesting, what took you there in the first place?

    1. edgeledge Says:

      The work I do in Oil and Gas.

      1. I was in Sabah for a while…long time ago though.

      2. edgeledge Says:

        I love Kota Kinabalu.

      3. I didn’t love it…but it was a long time ago, and personal circumstances didn’t help :-)

      4. edgeledge Says:

        For me it was a nice trip with my darling staying at Sutera Harbour and eating at Spice Island.
        Sorry to hear that, personal events can taint the memories of places.

      5. I can see how it would appeal..

  17. Nice intro to a life well travelled, I’ll stop by to see how the journey progresses. As far as 47 being 15, never lose your inner child that can find wonder in the simplest things, it helps keep us young.

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Thanks for the nice comments, and yes it is something I try and live by, even in boring serious meetings I like to lighten it up, but still remain professional.

  18. brissiemaz Says:

    I have nominated your blog for the Reality Blog Award ..for details go to
    Congratulations!….I hope you have the time and the inclination to accept the award …..there’s no time frame involved.
    Best wishes, Mary :)

  19. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I hope this will be a wonderful news for you. To see more about the award and this nomination, please visit my post at http://janalinesworldjourney.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/liebster-blog-…e-new-bloggers/
    Congratulations and all the best to you!

  20. dmill96 Says:

    Some nice looking food!

  21. Thank you for sharing this story with us, it´s kind of inspiring!

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Thank you so much for you kind words.

  22. TBM Says:

    Wow. I’m impressed by how many places you’ve lived. that’s awesome!

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Variety the spice of life, there may be more moves in the not to distant future…thanks for stopping by.

  23. Kenton Lewis Says:

    Nice of you to be photographed with my father. I’m his idiot son. Good writing.

  24. Thanks for your ongoing support for Wiley’s Wisdom! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award…check out the details at http://wileyschmidt.wordpress.com/. :)

  25. Summer Says:

    This is for you, for being kind to others and me : )
    Pick it up here if you want to http://summer4soul.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/valentines-day-this-is-for-you-because-you-are-love/

    Sweet greetings, Summer

  26. likeitiz Says:

    Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog. 40 places huh? You beat us. Ever since we got married, my hubby and I have moved 15 times and three countries! I have lived the longest in our current home. It’s nice to put down roots. But it’s also great to travel.

  27. Merci pour le fait d’ajouter!!! d–0.o–b

    1. edgeledge Says:

      Je t’en prie, mon ami.

  28. Summer Says:

    Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  29. Hi! Thanks for the follow/visit to my blog. I spent my childhood in Brunei. I’ll be looking around your blog some more…Hope you enjoy the rest of the week. Warmly, Mary

  30. Ajaytao2010 Says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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