Daily Prompt – Bewildered

There are lots of things that I am bewildered about.

Firstly, why would someone get on a bus and put their hand down their pants when they sit down? It is a public place you pervert, leave it alone!

Secondly, how can people still be employed if their achievements are zero in four years and they still haven’t delivered the required things?

Thirdly, why do CEO’s pay less tax than me? I don’t mind paying tax, but when someone earning 10 times what I earn pays no tax it is not acceptable.

So these are just some of the things that bewilder me…

Daily Prompt – Enroll

Should I shouldn’t I enrol? I like to study but it is expensive and for no other purpose than to do something.

The enrollment process for many things is labourious and often puts us off doing things.


Daily Prompt – Permit

An interesting topic permit. Who permits the permitter to do things? As parents do we permit our children to do things we were not permitted to do, but did anyway? What happens if we breach the permitted rules?

The most interesting permit I had was a permit to go on aboriginal land. This was required if you ever wanted to go outside the town limits in Nhulunbuy.

Most countries have entry permit requirements when you cross their borders. Some are more stringent than others. Some can cause problems if you don’t have the right one.

Are we too controlled by all these permits? Are we then not permitted to live in freedom?

Daily Prompt Creature

Remember the days when late Friday night there was a Creature Feature at the drive-ins? We would load up the car and drive to get the bejeezus scared out of us. Screams would come from all the cars around at the scary bits.

Not so many creature features are made these days, though Sharknado may have been the most recent. Most of the movies were lame with second rate special effects, poor scripts and even poorer acting.

Some of the sci-fi movies like Alien and Predator could be considered as creature films. Both of which spawned big franchises that lasted many films. Though not many would have been seen on a Friday night at a drive-in as most were made after the demise of the drive-ins.

I don’t have a favourite creature feature, I prefer Friday 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe you could consider Jason or Freddy as creatures, but not in the same vein as Anaconda or Arachnophobia.

There are still a couple of drive-ins operating, maybe they throw on Creature features?

Daily Prompt – Puzzled

Today is the free Opera in the Park in Perth, La Boheme is the Opera. We were setting up to watch a live stream of the event, logistically it is difficult to get to for us. It is unjustifiable to pay $50 for Uber for a free event. So we were all prepared for the live stream, only to find it is not available in Perth unless you have a satellite dish to receive the regional channel. Big bummer.

Previous years we watched from the comfort of our home and really enjoyed the event. This year we are really puzzled as to why the organisers have decided to not provide this service, even though there is a live stream across the state. Anyway just watch it another time.

Daily Prompt – Sympathise

The daily prompt for today is sympathise, notice I use the English spelling with an s and not a z, but they mean the same thing.

If you sympathise with someone you feel something similar to what they are experiencing or a feeling they have expressed you would feel the same in their position. Usually on a Monday morning people will ask about your weekend and proceed to tell a long winded story of their weekend exploits. If their weekend didn’t go so well and they experienced something not so good, you may sympathise with their expression of anguish over these events.

Though sometimes you outwardly sympathise but internally you are thinking stop your bleating and harden up princess, but you don’t say what you feel. The reality is people experience things and in their context it is a difficult situation. When put in context with what others are experiencing on a daily basis, people living on the street for instance, these minor woes are really insignificant and not really something to sympathise with.

Daily Prompt Profuse

Like everyone I wish I had a profuse amount of money, then I wouldn’t have to go through the daily grind of commuting 1 hour each way for 9 hours of mundanity.

What would a profuse amount of money look like? Well I guess that differs for every person, but for me enough to last until 100. Not saying I would live to 100, only 47 more years to go. I would need enough to live a reasonable lifestyle for that period of time.

So I would say a profuse amount of money does not equate to an obscene amount of money, something like 2.3 mill would give you 50,000 a year for 46 years If you are debt free, healthy and look after your money that should be enough for most people.

I can dream anyway…